Founding companies

Founding companies in Turkey

Turkish laws allow foreigners to establish companies and open projects of all kinds to encourage investment and growth of the Turkish economy and the variety of forms of companies from private companies and limited companies and joint stock companies.

In order to ensure business continuity and success, a company must be established to protect your ideas and business because it is considered one of the most important elements of successful business, because registering your company name and supporting it with the necessary licenses protects it from theft and fraud,The establishment of companies depends on several stages, including:

• Establishment of the company.

• Establishing a financial system and a documentary paper course for the establishments.

• Preparation of accounts.

• Annual, monthly or quarterly reports as requested.

• Auditing, auditing and inventory

• Financial consulting.

• Feasibility study.

• Rehabilitation of troubled projects.

• Coordinate the relationship with the financial advisor.

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