How do I import goods from Turkey?

How do I import goods from Turkey?

How do I import goods from Turkey?

There are many products that are widely recognized and receive a great demand from most countries of the world to import from Turkey:
The import and export operations are in the movement of capital, payments and withdrawals, all of which contribute to the development of savings and access to the desired investment.
Some may feel that it is difficult to go into the business environment, which includes the export and import sector, and expect that luck will not prevail, but this is an unrealistic assumption in an environment where success factors and facilities are available, and with experience this feeling disappears and the indicators of success increase. A country like Turkey.

* Why did Turkey succeed?

Perhaps the most important reasons that drive many to turn to trade in Turkey is that it is one of the most successful economically.
– Raising education budget from 7.5 to 34 billion, making education compulsory.
– Provide all facilities for investors to establish projects in Turkey.
– Initial in the automotive and iron production industry.
– Turkey has many months of international food and textile industry bonds.
– Doubling the per capita income equations.
– Turkey ranks 6th worldwide in clothing production.
– Turkey receives annually about 30 million tourists from different nationalities and countries.
– Turkey is the sixth destination for tourists around the world, which contributes significantly to raising its economy.
– The boom and the upheaval that has taken place in Turkey over the last 10 years make it economically successful.
– Accelerate the procedures for establishing companies in Turkey.
– Turkish-German cooperation and the direction of Germany for further investments in many sectors within Turkey and other Arab countries and European countries.
– Turkey’s exports to many Arab and European countries constitute a major leap forward in the air.
– The high rates of real estate sales in most cities of Turkey.

• Experts advise the world of business and the need to direct the market and encourage the export and import operations, which in turn are working on the development of trade movement
• Looking forward to cooperation from companies outside borders is good for increasing investment movement and expanding trade.
• It is advisable to study the market thoroughly and to know the extent of the need of the market of the country to which it wishes to cooperate, especially in cases of import or export.
• Communicate with companies and factories over the Internet, save time, effort and money spent to establish transactions between companies and some, only the product offers are sent, and in the case of acceptance contracts are concluded, and agree on penal conditions in case of non-compliance with agreed standards.
• Identify the shipping companies to be dealt with and make available all the required documents to sign the agreement: Commercial register – Technical specifications of the product – Bank account – and all required papers.
• Import and export operations achieve huge gains, so it is a wide trade globally and certainly contributes to solving the problems of unemployment – expanding the volume of trade – increasing the level of per capita income – contributing to the establishment of projects in the country to serve all sectors.

• It is always advisable to seek to import products that are not common in the country of the importer and to sign agreements to export products of course the other party needs and does not exist in his country and to increase exports to raise the standard of living and bring more investments.

* Before contracting factories and markets for import from Turkey:

Before you sign a contract and a formal agreement, you must put an item in the contract that the company is obliged to export you goods identical to the samples. The method of shipping the goods is whether it is shipping by sea or air, as well as the method of payment and import costs.

Check the quality of the product during the export or import operations, as some companies change the country of origin and write Turkey instead of the real country and re-circulation, which harms the Turkish products and quality and trade movement.
Sales and purchases are made online with the spread of e-commerce. Import and export methods have become remote without the need to travel and transfer from one country to another. Only communication via the Internet and the latest communication technologies.
The business developer may need to travel from time to time to learn about the process of manufacturing, attending seminars and exhibitions and representing the company, whether it is a pioneer entrepreneur or working in large organizations. There is no doubt that personal presence has a great impact in good communication and expanding the relationship with many different nationalities.
Thus business has become easier and faster by this in turn has led to an increase in the volume of business and the expansion of trade internationally.
For example, those who work in the field of technical support, sales, marketing and others who have experience in this field are familiar with all methods of agreement on the shipment, preferred shipping methods and customs clearance procedures from their customs departments.

* One of the most importing countries for products and commodities in Turkey:

Germany – Spain – Netherlands – Iraq – Egypt America – Tunisia – Algeria and other countries.

* Products that many countries are keen to import from Turkey:

Food products – silver and gold – cosmetics – ceramics – cotton – electrical appliances – chemicals entering the perfumery industry – furniture – construction equipment – gym accessories – sports equipment – medical equipment – textiles and garments – electronic materials Industrial machinery – Shoes industry – Cars and spare parts – Electrical and electronic industries – Cables – Wood products – Furniture and decoration – Paper industry – Pharmaceuticals – Ships and accessories – Plastic – Leather products – Games industry.

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