A trip by ship to the Princess Islands (ADALAR)

A trip by ship to the Princess Islands (ADALAR)

A trip by ship to the Princess Islands (ADALAR)

Which is located in the Sea of ​​Marmara and away from Istanbul close to an hour by ship, the tourist can go to it from several places as a division, but can take the ferry from the port of Kapitach in Istanbul, due to the name of this name to the era of the Byzantine state, where Istanbul was the capital in this Time was considered exile to princes and princesses, and many of Istanbul’s wealthy used to spend their holiday in the emirate of the emirate, far from the noise of the city.

The most famous islands are the island of Borjazada, the island of Buuk Ata, the island of Borgas, the island of Henna (Kinale Ota), the Hyibliada, the Yassi Ata, the Atasi, but the most famous is the island of Buak Atah.

– The journey begins to the islands of the princesses to the port and then boarding the ship and the price of the trip is 7 Turkish lira.
– The duration of the trip to the island from one hour to one hour and a half.
– The island is unique where you can do a horse-drawn tour (daggers).
Whether you are a biking enthusiast or a hiking enthusiast, you can also enjoy a walk around the island in the fresh air.
The hanger and bicycle are the means of movement within the island and there are no cars inside the car save.

* The most important feature of the Princess Islands:

The hotel is very clean and elegant. It is very similar to the islands of Europe. It has a special character that characterizes it in the beauty of its architectural style. It is very quiet away from Istanbul. There are many hotels and it is recommended to visit in the summer and stay there for several days. In the winter it is recommended to visit only several hours of cold weather. .

* During the voyage by ship to the Princess Islands:

The tourist can see the sights and nature of Istanbul, where the ship passes under the Bosphorus Bridge. It is a wonderful opportunity for a cruise to enjoy the sight of the old Ottoman museums, palaces and mosques frequented by thousands of tourists every day to visit and know its history. In an hour and an hour and a half, The nature of the trees and the beaches are magnificent and the birds are above them, making a sound that is similar to the musical instruments. It has a wonderful musical piece that gives the soul a lot of rest and quiet.
The lifestyle of the Emirati Islands is very suitable for relaxation. It is recommended to visit both those who need to focus on the strong and honest mind, such as writers and authors, not just those who come for tourism.

The nature of the atmosphere in the Princess Islands helps to create and recharge the positive energy and improve the psychological situation and distance from the routine of work with the pressure in the midst of bustling cities.
The buildings in the Princesses are mostly white in color and have unique views of amateur, photographers and Sylvester lovers.
And to enjoy riding the bike along the beach, Princess Islands is very suitable for taking a refreshing tour that will feel more pleasure and pleasure with the sea air, and advised to wear a helmet while driving for reasons of safety and a sense of departure.
Very suitable for honeymooning for both brides and taking souvenirs for happy moments do not forget.
Along the Corniche of the Princesses are luxurious restaurants offering delicious meals with unique views of the sea that make you dazzled by the splendor of the scenery while dining with friends and family.
Returning to Istanbul from the Princess Islands is done in the same way as the ship, taking into account the station you intend to return to.

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