Clothing trade in Turkey

Clothing trade in Turkey

Clothing trade in Turkey

One of the most popular trade in Turkey is the clothing trade, which is known for its popularity and high demand from many countries around the world, for its distinctive quality and quality that is comparable to any other country produces clothes.

Importing from Turkey is a simple order that anyone who wants to import, whether they are merchants, small shop owners, or even individuals, can tell us which markets you would like to deal with, models, pictures and types of fabrics.

The wholesale markets and factories of clothes, wedding dresses, evening dresses, famous brands and international brands spread throughout the provinces of Turkey, not only Istanbul, which is known for its economic boom.

Clothing factories in Turkey are not limited to a certain category, but include all ages of men, women and children. There is a growing demand for Turkish clothing especially for women.

Turkish clothing is characterized by high quality suitable for all tastes and categories and low price and high quality and prices vary somewhat depending on the level of the state and the budget of the importer, suitable for all types of skin of the body does not cause sensitivity or friction, most of the materials are good manufacturing and comfortable for the skin and the process is available in many models and bright colors, To the availability of the world’s leading brands of clothing of similar quality.

* Clothing is very diverse depending on the diversity of cultures and trends:

– We find elegant clothes suitable for Arab women veiled like famous Turkish Abaya’s.
– Other suitable for women not veiled.
– as well as the diversity of men’s clothing to fit the Gulf States and the Arabs and European countries, both in accordance with the purity.
– Children’s clothing is made to suit this stage of their ages, which require raw materials, mostly cotton, and various colors, and designs to simulate the months of games and programs and series of children who care about them.

* Types of models:

Turkish fabrics are known for the quality of their raw materials in production and the accuracy of their manufacture, which lasts for many years without changing the material or making any changes. The materials are very comfortable and are characterized by luxury, smoothness, smoothness, durability and ease of wearing. This gives the wearer a sense of trust, daring, excellence and glamor. In general it is to give you a beautiful, harmonious form from the outside, a comfortable feeling from the inside, showing the efficiency of fashion designers in Turkey in the magnificence of the designs in giving the body a distinctive shape in the very picture.

* Multiple models of clothing to include:

Women’s clothing, children’s clothing, sportswear, men’s clothing, men’s and women’s jeans, formal or formal clothing such as men’s and women’s suits and shirts, all kinds of underwear, lingerie for all categories, especially women.

* Types of fabrics:

– Clothes fabrics in Turkey are diverse and can not be absorbed, which fascinates the importer and buyer and is keen to deal in these types over and over again.
– Fabrics in Turkey are not limited to clothing, they are included in textiles, dining tables, home and everything related to modern home needs.
– Textile raw materials include: cotton – linen – lycra – satin – natural silk luxury – cashmere – chamois – velor – poplin – gouache – wool – viscose – elastin – chiffon – acrylic – tulle – lace – crochet.

What Turkey is keen to design clothes is as far as possible from industrial raw materials that rarely contain cotton and may cause skin sensitivity and discomfort.

* Shipping methods are determined according to the quantity required:

In case the quantity is simple you can use the freight by air if you are in a hurry. If the quantity required is large, you will need shipping on the ferries or ships and the importer has the right to get samples of those goods to ensure the quality of the product.
The degree of variation in the importance and use of textile types to the simple rates according to the preferences of the importer and the degree of public demand and desires, but most of the materials are to satisfy the importer and provide maximum comfort.
Turkish products produce textiles according to international standards, unique to the markets of Turkey, the assortment of various fabrics and the quality of textiles, in addition to (hand made) handicrafts unique to Turkish factories.

* There are several factories and wholesale clothing markets in Turkey and the occasion for import and trade and include:

– Al – Fateh Shops Markets
– Marter Stores
– Othman Bey Street
– la la ly Shops

All of these markets are located in Istanbul and can be easily reached from Istanbul’s famous Taksim Square by means of various transport and transport links in Turkey such as metro or tram, direct access to Osman Bey station, Sultanahmet district, metro to Laleli shops, Marter shops and Al Fateh markets.

* List of countries keen to deal with the Turkish markets and factories:

– Egypt
– Germany
– The Emirates
– Iraq
– Saudi
– United States of America
– France
– Holland
– Spain
– Algeria
– Tunisia.

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